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Remember, U.F.O.’S. stands for, “Unidentified Falsehoods Obstructing the Supernatural!”

U.F.O.’S. are mindsets constructed out of wrong imaginations, arguments, or theories. They are logical conclusions based upon the reasoning of the mind and the reinforcing emotions which have been believed long enough to become strongholds. (A stronghold simply means anything that has a strong hold on your way of thinking.)

“For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds. We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ.” (2 Corinthians 10:4-5)

UFO’S are the subconscious, and thus unidentified, result of an Unrenewed Mind that has lead to Unrestrained Emotions and Unbiblical Choices. This produces Unrighteous Acts which produce Undesirable Habits which creates Uncontrollable Areas in the culture, the church, and the individual Christian’s life.

This mindset quenches the Holy Spirit’s supernatural activity, while laying in the Christian’s mind a legal landing zone, a vacant lot, a beachhead for the supernatural activity of aliens called demons, who obstruct, via oppression, depression, and obsession, kingdom of heaven thinking and living.

Unidentified Falsehoods Obstructing the Supernatural Develop into Strong Mental Strongholds by a Threefold Process:

(1) A wrong perception of what’s heard by us or has happened to us.

(2) A prolonged reception of what’s heard around us.

(3) A strong deception by what’s held within us.

 (1) A wrong perception of what’s heard by us or has happened to us.

When hurtful things happen to us, or are heard said about us, we tend to perceive it as something we deserve, or as punishment from God, or as proof that we are of no worth. Every event and experience in life confronts us with the option of what to believe.

Two boys were walking along a street when they encountered a large dog blocking the sidewalk. “Don’t be afraid,” one of the boys said. “Notice how his tail is wagging. When a dog wags his tail he won’t bite you.” “Maybe so,” said the other boy, “but look at that wild, mean look in his eye that looks like he wants to eat us alive. … Which end are we going to believe?”

As Christians when the trials, troubles, hardships, heartaches and hurtful experiences of life come our way, we find ourselves in the position of these two boys. We must choose which end to believe –the wagging tail of God’s presence, promises and power or that wild, wacky, worrisome, wicked look in the eye of the situation confronting us.

Perhaps we have chosen the wagging tail of God’s-favor-type-attitude only to be bitten and almost eaten alive by a mean eyed person or situation.

Perhaps your earthly father was missing, or unable to give or show love, or cruel and abusive and you perceive that if God is a Father, then He must be like the one you had or have.

People suffering from anorexia see themselves as fat, even when they are nothing but skin and bones. One of our ladies tried to minister to a young lady who was as thin as a skeleton. The unbelievably thin woman asked to be taken to a meeting. When they arrived at the meeting place, the sign by the door read, “Overeater’s Anonymous!”

(2) A prolonged reception of what’s heard around us.

Continued repetitions of certain words at home, at work, on the playgrounds, or at school, spoken in our hearing, eventually begins to layer our memories with a mindset that believes what others say, or are saying, more readily than what God has said about us.

Husbands say to wives — Why can’t you cook like my mother? You are pathetic. You dress like a clown. When I see you in bed I feel like sleeping in the spare room. Why can’t you be like John’s wife?

Wives say to husbands — I wish I’d married a real man. All you’re interested in is sex. It’s a pity the children haven’t got someone they can look up to. You’re just like your father – useless. No wonder you can’t get a job. I wouldn’t employ you for anything.

Many children grow up on a steady diet of word curses spoken over them by their parents: “You are useless. You’ll never be any good. You’re just like your mother. Big boys don’t cry. You’ll never get married. Who would want to live with you? You’re ugly. You’ll never get a job. Never trust men, they’ll only get you into trouble. You’re really bad. You’ll probably wind up in the electric chair. You’ll never change.”

Unfortunately, children rarely know how to handle the sort of situation when cruel words are spoken against them so these word-curse arrows usually find their target. Inside, the child (and often the adult) lays these lies down in their memories and thinks they have forgotten them, but they form Unidentified Falsehoods that Obstruct the belief of the truth.

Many times this leads them to make an inner vow. This is a form of self-curse through which we determine not to let these things happen again, whatever it may cost us.

(3) A strong deception by what’s held within us.

When we embrace the UFO’S as the truth, we begin to live in a nation of mental images. 

A prolonged reception of these falsehoods causes the persons to begin to make inner vows and words curses that bring frustration, failure and faith loss into their lives.

Some of these inner vows are a direct response to believing that what others have said about them or against them must be true. Responses like, “I’ll never forgive myself”; “I’m ugly”, “fat”, “useless”, “a nuisance”, “I want to die”; “I’m better off dead”, etc.

Some inner vows are a direct response to damage caused by a certain individual. Statements like, “I’ll never speak to or associate with him or her again.” “It’ll be a cold day in you know where before I have anything to do with them.” “It’s not safe to look attractive. If I make myself look attractive I may get rejected or abused again.”

Frequently when a daughter asks her parents questions about the facts of life, her response to her parents’ embarrassment was to conclude that sex must be very dirty.

When sexual problems develop in her marriage, they are often caused by demonic control of her sexuality through this inner vow.

Negative self-talk is verbal abuse. Someone estimated that 85% of the conversation we experience every day is us talking to ourselves and the average person’s self-talk is 90% negative! We have met the enemy and he is us when we allow our own tongues to beat us up and put us down by verbal abuse.

If most of us talked to other people the way we talk to ourselves we would be at best friendless and at worst beaten about the head and shoulders and broke from lawsuits of slander and character assassination!

Strong deceptions held within us often lead to an excuse making confession that is always arguing, “It’s not my fault!”

Deception causes us to maintain an “it’s-never-my fault” attitude. Andy Andrews, in the The Traveler’s Gift, writes, “The words ‘it’s not my fault’ have been symbolically written on the gravestones of unsuccessful people ever since Eve took her first bite of the apple. Until a person takes responsibility for where he is, there is no basis for moving on.”

When the apostle Paul begins to talk about the nature of the spiritual battle we’re in, the first weapon he mentions is casting down imaginations. What are imaginations? Webster’s Dictionary: “The act or power of forming mental images of what is not actually present.” Or “The act or power of creating mental images of what has never been actually experienced.” Therefore most imaginations are unreal, dreamed up, haven’t been actually experienced, and for the most part are falsehoods.

One of the seven things that are an abomination to the Lord is “an heart that devises wicked imaginations” (Proverbs 6:18). Paul writes about ungodly men who “became vain in their imaginations,” (Romans 1:21). Faulty imaginations can ruin marriages. How many marriages have been ruined by a wife imagining that her husband is having an affair with another woman or a husband imagining that his wife is seeing other men? Imaginations can damage family relationships, destroy church relationships and fellowship between fellow believers, and fill our minds with fear, anger or worry.

Timothy Early notes: “Imagination carries two distinctly important terms. One is “Image,” and the other is “Nation.” Together, it could be paraphrased as “A Nation of Images.”  This mindset is home to many nations of UFO’S.

a- Procrastination — the image of the nation of laziness;
b- Alienation — the image of the nation of isolation;
c – Discrimination — the image of the nation of prejudice;
d – Denomination — the image of the nation of spiritual superiority;
e – Domination — the image of the nation of controlling and overpowering other people;
f – Inclination — the image of the nation of “Have it your way,” Burger King Mentality;
g – Fascination — the image of the nation ruled by feelings;
h – Abomination — the image of the nation of loathsome things;
i – Determination — in the negative sense, the image of the nation of self-will.

So what is that makes a nation? A group of notions! A mindset! What makes denominations? A mindset! What makes procrastination? A mindset! And what makes fascination? A mindset!  These mindsets tend to bias all our thinking.

All of these are mentalities, including:

1 – Gender Prejudice: Religious, personal, and professional attacks against women or men.
2 – Economical Prejudice: Forming a party around jealousy and envy of those who have riches.
3 – Geographical Prejudice: Opinions formed beforehand based on where one’s from.
4 – Ecclesiastical Prejudice: Civil War between Evangelicals and Charismatics, etc.
5 – Chronological Prejudice: Must be younger than 35 to pastor our church, etc.
6 – Racial Cultural Prejudice: My clan, my color skin, my tribe, my own kind, and none else, period!
7 – Educational Prejudice: Only smart people have degrees, dumb ones don’t!
8 – Family Prejudice: They are not our kind of people!
9 – Political Prejudice: Republican, Democrat, Independent, get your heart in our party or get your blank out!

All of the above are UFO’S — nations of images, mindsets, mentalities, that have strongholds on our minds and offer legal rights to demons to exacerbate, aggravate and perpetuate the same stuff from generation to generation!

We must be constantly aware that the weapons of our warfare are truth, righteousness, the Gospel of Christ, faith, the Word of God, the Spirit of God and His gifts, and the access that prayer gives us to God’s throne of grace. If we try to fight against the enemies of the faith with anything less than these weapons, we have no reason to expect success. The conflict of worldviews is ultimately a spiritual conflict. Without full and consistent application of the spiritual weapons available to us, we can never achieve victory over the root causes of the rebellion against God and His truth in our lives or those entrenched strongholds in the culture around us.

(More to come!)



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