Putting on Jesus Glasses – Part 1

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Putting on “Jesus Glasses” — Introduction

In December of 2007, a lawsuit was filed by high school Chad Farnan, 16, and his parents, against James Corbett, one of Chad’s teachers at Capistrano Valley High, in Mission Viejo, CA, accusing him of attacking the Christian religion in the classroom.

The lawsuit contends, among other things, that Corbett told students during class that “when you put on your Jesus glasses, you can’t see the truth”; said that religion is not “connected with morality”; compared Christians to “Muslim fundamentalists” who want women to “stay pregnant, barefoot, and in the kitchen and have babies until your body collapses”; and suggested that churchgoers are more likely to commit rape and murder.

The real truth is that until one puts on Jesus glasses to read the Bible, they will never get the big picture and know ultimate truth.

In the next several posts of my weekly word, I want to assist you in putting on “Jesus glasses” and viewing scripture through them, i.e. Him.

What does this mean? What are “Jesus Glasses”? I am using this metaphor of Jesus glasses to demonstrate that Jesus is the criterion by which all scripture is read. (Please take time to read Luke 24:25-27;44; John 1:45;5:39; Acts10:43; 28:23,31) Using Jesus as the viewing lenses for reading the entire Bible will bring clarity and correctness of perception as to what God intended when He gave us the Scriptures. In other words, Jesus fulfills and interprets the entire Bible for us. He said, in essence on that day in the synagogue as recorded in Luke 4:21 (And he began to say to them, “Today this Scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing.”), “I am going to fill up with meaning everything you read here. I am it. Without me in your life, this book is locked shut.” Jesus full-fills Old Testament and the Old Testament fills out our knowledge of Christ!

The key to the Old Testament is Christ in the New Testament. The unfolding unity of scripture is from shadow to substance, from the natural to the spiritual, from the ritual to the reality. Racial Israel ‘s primary mission was to present the Messiah to the world. In the birth of Jesus from the tribe of Judah , Israel fulfilled that mission exactly as God planned, even though as a whole the nation rejected their native Son! Jesus fulfilled in His life, death, resurrection, ascension, and ongoing ever-presence in the person of the Holy Spirit, all the covenants of the Old Testament! Jesus is the true Son of Abraham (Mt. 1:1) and believing in Him makes us children of Abraham (Gals. 3:29); Jesus kept the whole law for us, including its curses (Gals 4:4-5); He is our law, our sacrifice, our temple priest, and prophet. He is the Son of David and the Son of God who now sits as the eternal king upon the throne of David (Mt.1:1; Acts 2:29-35). The full theological meaning of the Old Testament can be grasped only by those who believe that Jesus is the Messiah of Israel, that God’s covenant with the twelve tribes is fulfilled and completed – not postponed in Christ’s covenant with His twelve apostles. The Jewish nation of the old economy failed in many ways, but they didn’t fail in the main way, i.e., they brought forth the Messiah! 

The writers of the New Testament recognize Christ as the perfect fulfillment of God’s promises to the patriarchs and Israel. (Read Acts 26:6-7; Acts 13:32-33; Galatians 3:29)  

Looking at scripture through “Jesus glasses” will envision you to see how that the first 39 books of the Bible that we call the Old Testament are shadows that Predict the Jesus the Son is coming. In the gospels the reality of all the Old Testament rituals, the substance of all its shadows, the fulfillment of all its types and pictures, comes to fulfillment as they Present Jesus the SON! In the book of Acts Jesus is Proclaimed as Present in the Holy Spirit. In the Epistles, He is the Precious Possession of the saints. In the book of Revelation, He is the Predominate Potentate who controls the destiny of all men and nations.

The Bible is really one book with sixty-six chapters, (i.e. books). It isn’t two books, about two peoples, two plans, two ways of salvation, and two destinies, but one book with and one main story, one people of faith and grace and not a favored race, one plan, one way of salvation and one final destiny and all of this finds its fulfillment in ONE PERSON – THE LORD JESUS CHRIST! 

What commenced as death in the First Adam culminates in life in the Last Adam. In the First Adam Paradise was lost (Gen 3:23), in the Last Adam – Jesus – Paradise is Regained (Rev 21:1); in the first part of the Story, Satan is victorious (Gen 3:1-7), in the final chapter, Satan is defeated forever (Rev. 12:10-11); in the first chapter a curse is pronounced (Gen 3:17) in the final chapter of the Story the curse is removed (Rev. 22:3); in the first chapter the gates to the Garden are shut (Gen 3:24) in the final chapter the Gates to God are forever opened (Rev 21:25); in the first chapter we see death descending and reigning (Gen 2:17) in the final chapter death is destroyed (Gen 21:4)

The written Word – the Bible, is designed to get us to the Living Word – Jesus. It’s designed to transform us and not just inform us; to stir our hearts and not provide us with a lot of charts; to satisfy our minds, fire our imaginations, fuel our emotions, kindle the flames of worship, and be a lamp of for our feet and a light for our path! 

Put on Jesus glasses and begin to read the Bible as a Jesus book and you will not only get some truth, but meet the Person who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life – Jesus!

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