My New Year’s Prayer — “Lord, Bless Me Indeed!”

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1 Chronicles 4:10, “Jabez called upon the God of Israel, saying, “Oh, that You would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me, and that You would keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain!” So God granted him what he requested.”

John Calvin gave a great definition of the meaning of the blessing of God: “The blessing of God is the goodness of God in action, by which a supply of all good pours down to us from His favor, as from its only fountain.”

The Lord wants “a supply of all good pouring down to us from His favor, as from its only fountain” for many reasons, but two are primary — to establish His New Covenant (the Gospel or Good News) in the earth, and that we might be blessed to be a blessing! Someone called this money with a mission!

As the new year dawns, we hear said repeatedly by many, “I wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!”

From a biblical perspective, prosperity is being able to take God’s Word and apply it to every area of our life. Webster’s definition of prosper is “to become strong or to flourish.” According to 3 John 2, God wants us to prosper (excel in) spirit, soul, and body. Prosperity is not a man with money; prosperity is a man with God.

Why should the ungodly have millions of dollars to amplify their sin, when we, the Body of Christ, can amplify His goodness, His grace, His love for humanity and extend the whole gospel to the whole world? Prosperity is not an excuse to live a self-centered, materialistic, unrestrained life. We are still called to holiness — to live an upright, joy-filled Christian life before God — glorifying Him by enjoying Him more and more each day.

As for me, I am repenting of “having not because I ask not.” Call it selfish if you wish, but for 2018, I am praying for:

Increase: Lord, bless me indeed, so that I may be a blessing to others. Bless me and make all grace abound to me, so that having all sufficiency in all things at all times, I may abound in every good work. Bless me so that success attends my way — not for show—not to enhance my social status—not to satisfy my self-consuming desires for more stuff – but SO THAT our God is elevated and celebrated and represented as the God who is able to provide in abundance. Lord, bless me SO THAT the kingdom of God can come more fully and be financed more favorably, SO THAT multitudes may become a part of it.

Impact: Lord, bless me by doing something so big in my life that others will know that it has to be from You. Bless me so that those I come in contact with will know that You are good, gracious and generous in Your being; great in Your power, wonderful in Your acts, fearful in Your judgments, holy in Your character, amazing in Your grace, loving in Your mercies, kind in all Your dealings, and glorious in all things!  Lord, bless me so that every time You set up a divine appointment with a needy person, I realize that I have a chance to activate and release the Holy Spirit’s power of kingdom life and love resident in me so that they may glorify You as You meet their needs though me.  Bless me with a tongue that confesses that from a kingdom perspective there’s abundance and not shortages; that the curse is being reversed; that we are victors in Christ and not victims of any circumstances; that we are under kingdom order and prosperity and not under demonic disorder and poverty; that we are blessed and highly favored sons and not cursed and lowly despised slaves.

Influence: Lord, bless me and increase my influence and opportunities for you so that there is an ever-widening circles of persons that I am influencing for the kingdom of God — The Targum (Aramaic translation) says, “multiply my borders with disciples).”  Lord, give me spiritual sons and daughters in the faith that will grow up to become world visionary, world impacting, reproducing disciple-makers and influence others with Your glory, greatness, goodness, and generosity! I desire the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all people through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Intimacy: Lord, bless me by keeping Your hand upon my life and giving me a sense of your continual presence, provision, and direction.  Lord, bless me with a heart-hunger to go on daily seeking first the kingdom of heaven – not for the wealth of things promised, but for the worth of a real and righteous relationship with the King Himself! Lord, bless me so that I desire to be daily walking in the love of God, living in the will of God and obeying the Word of God. Bless me with an understanding heart that knows You want no part of solving my problems or padding my pocketbook without an intimate relationship with me.

Insurance: Lord, bless me, protect me and keep me from falling into Satan’s traps! Bless me with the daily confidence that Christ has defeated the devil and his demons and given me authority to walk in safety and security from all the devil’s methods and missions! Lord, bless me with the ability to daily embrace a whole gospel that is God-enthralled, Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered, hope-filled, joy-charged, victory-oriented, sin-paying, disease-healing, devil-stomping, and demon-delivering! Bless me and I shall surely be blessed and a blessing!

In Jesus’ Strong Name! Amen!



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