Doing the Best of Things in the Worst of Times — Part 4

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As followers of Christ  we will be able to do the best of things in spite of the times or the trends we find ourselves living in if we make these four axioms our priorities: Desiring the Kingdom of the Father Primarily; Believing the Word of God Pervasively; Loving the Son of God Passionately; Ministering in the Spirit of God Powerfully.

In this study we will consider the fourth essential activity necessary to do the best of things in the worst of times:

Ministering in the Spirit of God Powerfully

We have been detoured from the divinely appointed paths of the proclamation and demonstration of the kingdom of God for almost 1800 years. In evangelical circles, we’ve been preaching about the gospel of Jesus, but we haven’t been preaching the gospel Jesus preached! We have truncated the gospel message from a repent and be re-birthed into the triumphant, all-pervasive, God-big, kingdom of the heavens where we learn how to reign in life as kings kids in the Family Firm of Almighty and Sons, to a go-to-heaven-when-you-die-in-order-to-miss-hell type message. This emaciated message says the best you can hope for in this world is to plan on losing in history — but heaven will make up for it You can expect to be the tail and not the head, or to be like a little band of soldiers of the cross who somehow manage to hold the fort until Captain Jesus comes back and kicks them all into hell! No wonder so few want to join up!

We have been telling people that they must bear with demonic assaults rather than repulse them. We are telling the crippled where to go to get wheel chairs instead of telling them to rise and walk in the name of Jesus. We have been medicating the demonized instead of delivering them. We have been comforting the afflicted rather than healing them of their afflictions. We have been trying to get more people to “come and see and hear the show” so we can employ them in institutional church-work. But the message and method of Jesus was to deploy more people to “go and tell and show the power of God” to all people groups. We are to proclaim the King and His kingdom to the ends of the earth and demonstrate in the power of the Spirit that the kingdom of heaven is here and you can enter it now (Mark 1:15).

To do the best of things in the worst of times we must return to the reality of life in the kingdom of the heavens as a lifestyle of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit (Romans 14:17). Life in the kingdom is of the Spirit, by the Spirit, unto the glory of Son, who, when he has through His representatives put all things under His feet, will turn the kingdom back to the Father!  We read in 1 Corinthians 15:24-25, “Then comes the end, when he shall have delivered up the kingdom to God, even the Father; when he shall have put down all rule and all authority and power. For he must reign, until he has put all enemies under his feet.”

Jesus was the Valid, the True Representation of Kingdom Reality. He was the model for all of our life in the kingdom of God. Although he was the Perfect God-man, He did what He did as a man filled with the Holy Spirit. He was baptized or “publicly-come-upon-for-ministry” by the Holy Spirit at the river Jordan (John 1:32-33). He was led by the Holy Spirit into the wilderness (Luke 4:1; Mark 1:12). He returned in the power of the Holy Spirit (Luke 4:14). He was anointed with the Holy Spirit to preach (Luke 4:18). He healed by the power of the Holy Spirit (Acts 10:38). He cast out demons by the power of the Holy Spirit (Matthew 12:28).

Tom Marshall asserts, “Thus even the miracles Jesus performed have a particular characteristic – they are all miracles that a man can do if he is filled with the Holy Spirit.”

By the way, miracles are not some strange and rare abnormality but the “norm” of the kingdom of God coming into the abnormal condition of the fallen world. The power displayed by Jesus, though very remarkable, is something less than omnipotent. In his home town, for example, it is said that, “He could not do any miracles there, except lay his hands on a few sick people and heal them. And he was amazed at their lack of faith.” (Mark 6:5).

The Holy Spirit was the power of the Lord who was present to heal in Jesus’ ministry. (Mark 5:30; Luke 5:17, 6:19,8:46). He was the “finger of God” who expelled demons (Matthew 12:28 cf Luke 11:20). The disciples who had lived with Jesus for three years knew the presence and power of the Holy Spirit in his life. In this sense the Holy Spirit had been with them also. (John 14:26) They had the promise of Jesus that the same power would be theirs through the same Spirit. (Luke 24:49; Acts 1:8).

We are to operate in all that Jesus is in us, all that Jesus does, and all that Jesus wants to do through us. Spirit-filled ministry is Christ-filled ministry, when Christ, the Anointed King, is manifest in and through us by the anointing of the Holy Spirit. His is an “anointing” of the Spirit which enables, ensures and enlarges the kingdom of God.

What will be the result of continually being filled, controlled or empowered by the Holy Spirit? The result will be fullness in worship, fullness in the Word, fullness in integrity and character, fullness in serving the poor, fullness in loving one another, fullness in lay involvement and a fullness in the Spirit with power, gifts, signs and wonders enhancing a fullness in great commission fulfillment.

That fullness brings breakthrough because it declares the Word of the Cross and the glory of Christ; because it confronts demonic powers in the power of the Blood of the Lamb and in the spirit of prayer; and because it is attended by signs and wonders as the Lord confirms His Word with signs following.

The Spirit-filled church is the “Now” life of Father God on the earth. Through the church the many-sided facets of God’s wisdom is manifest to men, angels and demons. The Spirit-filled church is a people of ministry in which the kingdom of heaven comes more fully and not just religious activity in which buildings are filled with people more frequently. There can be a lot of activity in the church that’s not a Spirit-filled, kingdom-based, and disciple-making ministry.

What’s the Churches job assignment? One lady was asked the question, “What are we trying to do as a church?” She acted surprised at the question and said, “We’re not trying to do anything — we’re a church for goodness sake!” The correct answer is what Jesus did in his back “THEN” body; the church is to do as His right “NOW” Body!

The Holy Spirit created the human body of Jesus in the womb of the Virgin Mary, anointed that body with His power, and enabled Jesus to reveal the heart and do the will and works of His Father in Heaven.

The same Holy Spirit created the Church – as the Body of Christ. Father God’s design for the Church, in which Jesus is the Head and believers His Body, was to function the same living, breathing, walking, talking, saving, disciple-making, healing, delivering way that He did in His physical body when he lived here on earth for 33 ½ years.

Jesus has anointed His Body – the Church — with the same Spirit that raised Him from the dead,  with the intent that His Body would operate with the same resurrection power in order to show forth the Father’s life and love through an even “greater works” type ministry. The people of God are to glorify Him by enjoying Him all the time in all ways.

Glorifying God involves living and talking, serving and telling, growing and going, visualizing and verbalizing the truth of redemptive love. It’s not just coming, sitting in a seat, soaking in truth, and becoming a sour puss.  No person is healthy that eats all the time and never leaves the house. The Church gathers to eat at Jesus’ table and enjoy the Family. However, no church is healthy that eats all the time and never gets out of the house. This means that the Church must be turned inside out in order to bring the outside in – not into a building, but into the Body of Christ!

For too long the Church has described Jesus to the world instead of demonstrating His Person and Works!

When the Church is functioning in her role, the world realizes that the kingdom of God isn’t just a proclamation of truth, but a demonstration of power.

The Spirit of God gave the Church a supernatural entrance and will give her a supernatural exit. Therefore the church must live a supernatural existence and experience. The Church may employ Madison Avenue tactics to draw the masses, but there won’t be any miracles. And without the obvious presence of the supernatural ministry of the Holy Spirit, we will boast about being many for God, but we won’t be much for God! We can convince unbelievers by the power of our reasonings that God exists, but only the Holy Spirit can convict and bring the revelation that God can be known by personal experience.

Come Holy Spirit, we need Thee, come in Thine own special way!

Have you been a loyal companion to the Holy Spirit? Have you hurt his heart? Have you ignored His company? Have you tried to bypass His partnership? Repent! Welcome him back into the throne room of your heart. Let Him love you, control you, exercise His authority in your life. Let Him flood you with His divine desire. Every intention He has for you is good, holy and pure. If and when you do, you can do the best of things in all times.

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