A Small Story with a Big Impact!
Amos Speaks To America
Caught in the “ACTS!”
Christ’s New World Order!
Disciples Making Disciples — Part 1
Essentials For Making Disciples — Luke 1:1-4
Final Words for Fruitful Work
Following Jesus’ Orders A.S.A.P.!
Four Roman “NONES” and One Cardinal Truth
Getting an R.S.V.J!
Has the Curtain Finally Come Down on Hell?
Have You Been Institutionalized?
He Came To Me!
How Far Can You See?
How To Interpret Scripture
How to Keep Speaking Even After You Are Dead!
Is Jesus Superior to All Other Saviors in the World?
It’s A Boy!
Jesus is the Destiny-Restorer that Re-signs Us after Our Defections
Learning How to Behave in the School of Affliction
Living with the Shout of King Among Us!
Looking At Ourselves and for Potential Disciples the Way Jesus Did!
Meet Your Mother!
No More Business as Usual
Prisoners of Hope — Part Two
Prisoners of Hope -Part One
Recovering the Heart of the Gospel
Recovering the Heart of the Gospel — Revised
Recovering the Original “King Jesus” Gospel!
Short-termism — Part 1
Short-termism — Part 2
Short-termism — Part 3
Short-termism — Part 4
Taking a “Good Look” at Jesus’ Resurrection
The Day a Stone Tomb Became a New Creation Womb! — Luke 24:1-12
The Gospel According to David
The Gospel Illustrated in a Letter!
The Heart and Soul of Disciple-making!
The Key to Success with Muslims
The New Covenant – Coverage You Can Count On!
The Real “Tongue Twister”!
The Resurrection-Empowered Gospel!
Treating the Deadly Cavity of “TRUTH DECAY”
We Like Jesus But Not His Church — REALLY?
Whom are You Kissing this Christmas?
Why We Should Pray for the Lord to Bless Us!

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