Pastor Wade teaching leaders in Tanzania, Africa After more then 35 years in the pastorate, (thirty of those years as pastor of one church) we have been led of the Lord to devote the rest of our life to the training and discipling of key lay persons and pastors, especially in Third World countries that have so little access to quality training. Our non-profit organization is called the Training for Reigning Institute of Disciple-making. The primary purpose of the Institute is to aid in the fulfillment of the assignment given to every Christian to make disciples of all people groups. Jesus stated this commission in five different passages of scripture, but the most detailed one is in Matthew 28:18-20. These verses are called the Great Commission and they constitute the only “marching orders” our Lord Jesus Christ ever gave to His Church.

The Training for Reigning Institute for Disciple-making is a multilevel ministry that seeks to obey the Great Commandment by training people to live in a loving relationship with other believers under the rulership of our Great Commander – King Jesus – serving in the kingdom partnership of the Great Commission! Then as we are going to the ends of the earth, we are seeking to make disciples of all people groups, baptizing and teaching them all things that Jesus commanded, thus helping to fulfill the commission as people join in this one new man, the body of Christ, under God’s Kingdom rule.

We have been taking trips outside the USA for many years for the purposes as stated above. We have led disciple-making seminars in Honduras (14 trips to Honduras), Haiti, Russia, Armenia, Philippines, Nigeria, Tanzania, India, and Brazil. During these trips, we have conducted evangelistic meetings, 3-day seminars to train leaders, as well as doing medical and dental brigades and construction of church buildings.

Recently we went to Morogora, Tanzania and led a three-day discipleship training session with 275 pastors, and key lay leaders. The response was phenomenal and the cost unbelievable – only $3.00 per person per day.

Our Three-part Plan

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